101 Tax Essentials for Property Investors

101 Tax Essentials for Property Investors


If you invest in property in New Zealand, then this tax essentials guide is for you.

This tax guide contains 101 tax tips and essentials that NZ property investors should be aware of.

Taxes are an expense from an investor’s point of view because it reduces your cash flow and your wealth.

If your job already puts you on the highest income tax bracket, then one-third of your rental profits will goes towards paying taxes. However, a lot can be done to legitimately reduce the amount of tax you pay.

We are not talking about tax avoidance strategies which some people are allegedly accused of doing. This guide will never promote tax evasion or tax avoidance.
Tax evasion is not legal and can get you into trouble. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with making the best use of the deductions allowed by the Income Tax Act 2007. Strategic asset planning (using trusts) protects your assets and if done correctly can legitimately save you paying a lot of taxes.

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