5 quick facts about Highland Park, Pakuranga and Macleans’ housing market

Sharine Burns from Professionals Lovegrove Realty is one of top salespeople and won the runner up for top salesperson in 2013/2014 and 2014/2015.

Sharine - Pakuranga Professionals Realty real estate agent

Today we interview Sharine Burns who shares her thoughts on the East Auckland property market.

In particular, we asked her about the Highland Park, Pakuranga and Macleans areas. Highland Park, Pakuranga and Macleans are established areas in East Auckland and is where Pakuranga and Macleans College are located.

Here are the key takeaways from her:

  1. Unlike Flat Bush and Mission Heights, Highland Park and Pakuranga tends to have proportionally more 3-bedroom homes on the market and Sharine sells a lot of those too. On the other hand, Flat Bush and Mission Heights are much newer suburbs so it is much easier to find 5-bedroom and 6-bedroom homes in Flat Bush compared to Eastern Beach suburbs.
  2. There is strong demand for housing in the Highland Park, Pakuranga and Macleans areas because of the desirable demographics and good school zone.
  3. Strong demand coupled together with a low interest rates environment, is likely to continue to fuel house price growth in these areas.
  4. Some 64% of the houses she sold in the past year were to Asians (Asians include Chinese, Indians, Japanese, etc).
  5. Rents in this area have also experienced growth due to the limited rental supply in this area combined with the demand for good school zones and desirable location for families.

If you are looking to sell your home in Highland Park, Pakuranga and Macleans areas, you should give Sharine a call.

Phone:    021 982-326 or  555-9114
Email:     sharine.burns@professionals.co.nz

Check out her website whysharine.com


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