After reading this, do you still envy property investors?

The owners of an Otahuhu property has reported that gang members have illegally taken over their rental property (without paying rent) for eight months.

It is alleged that the gang members moved in during May when the Otahuhu property was vacant and changed the locks. As the legal owner puts it, “Someone walked off the street, gone in there and claimed that it is his”.

What would you do in this situation?

The police have been called. But there isn’t anything they can do about it other than issue a trespass notice requiring the gang members to move out. If the trespasser does not comply with the trespass notice, they can be taken to court. But as you know, the court process is a long and costly process and in the meantime, the trespasser is occupying the rental property illegally without your permission.

Assume you go to the court and win, you will need to enforce the court order and have to force out the illegal squatters. Plus if you are unlucky, the house will be need to be repaired before you can rent it out. And all this time you still have to pay the mortgage! Imagine that!

What would you do in this situation?

Anyway That’s why it’s very important to buy rental properties in good locations so it doesnt sit vacant for too long. Otherwise illegal squatters can just move in and take over the property. And if squatters stay long enough, they can even take legal ownership of the property … as you will find out in another story.

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