Are you renting for below or above the market rent?

Market rent is a useful guide for landlords when they’re deciding what the rent will be.

But remember no two properties are the same. Even if the house is built by the same builder, one house could have a better view or better frontage which means it can rent higher. It all depends on the individual renter and landlord.

The information here comes from data provided by Tenancy Services. This means it only reflects properties where bonds are lodged.For more information, visit

This week we take a look at Auckland Royal Oak – One Tree Hill.

Three bedrooms make up about 50% of the houses rented in Royal Oak in the last 6 months. The median rent for 2 bedroom is $550 per week , 3 bedroom house is $660 per week, and a 4 bedroom is $800 per week. 


Manukau and Manurewa Heights, the rents are more affordable with the median 3 bedroom renting for $570 per week. There is also a greater selection of 3 bedroom and 4 bedroom for rent.


Next week we take a look at Wellington Lambton.


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