Auckland Council Valuation

Auckland Council has released revaluation figures for properties across Auckland this week.

No surprise the region’s house values have gone up. But how much? On average, values have increased by 46 per cent to make the average Auckland home worth $1,076,000.

But not everybody is pleased.

If you don’t agree with the value of your property, you can object to it. ​To make a valid property valuation objection, you must provide a reason why you are objecting. You can object if you think a property valuation is incorrect, but not because of the effect a valuation has on your rates. Not all properties change value in the same way. For example, flats may sell differently than apartments, houses or shops. Many other factors affect a property’s value, such as age, size, construction and location. If you have added another room or extended the house and this is not reflected in the valuation, you can object.

Objections need to be received by the council by 16 January 2018.

You need the following information.

  • the objection reference number from your valuation notice
  • the address of the property
  • your estimate of what the capital value, land value and improvement value should be
  • your reason for objecting
  • your name, postal address, and contact telephone number
  • the capacity in which you are objecting (as owner, ratepayer, agent)
  • if you are an agent, the name of the person you are representing.

If you want to object the valuation of your property, here’s the link.   The whole process is done online. You will need to create an account or you can login using your FaceBook.


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