Auckland’s flood prone areas

Auckland Council Geomaps

Auckland’s flood prone areas can be found on Auckland Council’s website.

This is of importance to both investors and residents especially following the flooding of certain places in Auckland several weeks ago.

New Lynn, where some of the worst flooding was experienced in this month’s stormy weather, had over 70 homes at risk.

A few homes on Abbotts Way in Remuera, Akiraho Street in Mt Eden, Altham Avenue in Mt Eden, were among those found to have a risk of flooding.

As a really general observation, homes at a bottom of a steep hill tend to have a higher risk of flooding during a major storm.

This is not all bad news. Because there is just a risk of flooding during a major storm. If the infrastructure is upgraded, then the risk can be mitigated.

For a comprehensive overview of homes in flood prone area, check out Auckland council’s website, ¬†


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