Building your own house

Planning to have your home custom built for you?

Because each housing project is different, it is difficult to provide a rough guide of how much it will cost.

The Department of Building used to publish a guide that allowed you estimate how much it will cost to build or rebuild your own home. But eventually took it down because people complained it was not accurate enough.

Before spending a bunch of money getting a quantity surveyor to calculate the building costs, you should try out this clever tool from Cordell.

This is currently the best available tool that is easily accessible and free.

Here’s how it works:

You will come to the home page which looks like the screenshot below.

Cordell residential valuer homepage.

There are 5 parts that you must answer:

  1. Description of the home
  2. Construction of the home (floor area)
  3. How many rooms and bathrooms
  4. The structure of the home
  5. Any features such as insulation and central vacuum systems.

1. Description of the home:

 Cordell residential valuer description.

2. Construction of the home:

 Cordell residential valuer construction

Cordell residential valuer construction

3. Rooms

Cordell residential valuer rooms

4. Structure of the house

cordell residential valuer structure

5. Features of the house

Cordell residential valuer features

Cordell residential valuer features

In the final screen, it will display the estimate.

Cordell residential valuer estimate

We ran the tool based on a contemporary 2 storey home in Auckland,  with a floor area of 180 m2 , 2 ensuites, 1 lounge,  1 double garage. And the Cordells website estimate it will cost $520,000 to build this house. This does not include the land and professional fees.

You can change the variables and it will update the cost estimate accordingly.

If you are looking for a detailed costing, contact a quantity surveyor. For a full list of surveyors, visit the NZIQS Member Directory.



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