How to add value to properties

  • Value can be added through renovation, development and/or subdivision.
  • If the land area is large, some investors may consider adding another dwelling or subdividing the land.
  • For most investors, Renovation is the key to adding value.
  • Renovating the kitchen, bathroom, and tidying up the exterior, can increase rents.
  • If you are on a tight budget, focus on getting the kitchen and bathroom areas done up.
  • If you can spend more money on a bigger renovation such as putting up a partition wall to create another bedroom, you can easily increase your property’s value by another $100k.
  • Remember location matters. Spending $100k will not always add $100k to the property’s value. In some highly desirable areas, spending $50k can substantially increase the value by over $200k. It all depends on the nature of the reno and the location of the property.

Big reno project

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