Is it still possible to find a $600,000 home in Auckland City?

6 years ago, it was common to find a place in Auckland City (This region includes the areas within the boundaries of Blockhouse Bay, Avondale, Royal Oal, Otahuhu, Mount Wellington, Pt England but excludes East,South, West Auckland and North Shore) for less than $600,000.

Is it still possible today? A quick search on Trade Me revealed 125 listings but after discarding any listings that are selling a building only and any listings longer than 2 months old, we are left with 30 potential listings.

 Auckland house for sale trademe

Here are the results of the first 9 listings that show up on Trademe after entering the above criteria.

First 9 listings on trademe


The first houseĀ  5/57 Rawhitiroa Road is a leasehold property. Banks won’t touch it so you shouldn’t either.

The next house isĀ 9/99 Mays Road and is a 2 bedroom terraced house.

The third house is a one bedroom place in Avondale. Hardly suitable for a family.

The remaining properties are either 2 bedroom units in Mt Wellington or Onehunga or problematic properties.

By problematic, I mean they are either leaky, leashehold or near a railway station or power pole.

So yes, its hard to find a decent family house in Auckland City for under $600,000 currently but buyers would have more luck as they move out further South.

It’s still possible to find a “house” under $600,000 if you compromise and settle for a big one bedroom unit or a small 2 bedroom unit.


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