Is Living Big in a Tiny House the home solution for millennials?

It is common for younger couples to live in apartments because this form of housing is more affordable. You may be familiar with units and apartments, but have you heard about the tiny house?

Holly and Oli decided to build their own house on their piece of land. It’s not the full 100 – 150 m2 house you may be familiar with. Nope. This young Taupo couple used their creativity to build a house that measures 7m by 3m plus a deck. It closely resembles a kiwi bach.

Here’s what it looks like:



Despite being 7m by 3m, it has a bedroom, a bathroom, shower, a laundry, and a loft to watch tv. The lounge doubles up as a dining room and there is even space for a full dining table. Not the fold up kind you find in crowded apartments in Asia.

Plus it has nine windows which makes their home look very open. It even has double glazed windows, fully insulated and comes with a deck on the outside.

The couple got their inspiration from watching a video from the Living Big in a Tiny House blog. At the time, they couldn’t find any suitable housing that they could afford, so they decided to go the kiwi way DIY approach and build their home themselves.

Roughly it cost them $45,000 to build. The cost includes building materials and the cost of professional services (plumbing and electrical services).

The Taupo couple have lived in it for nearly a year and while they love their home, they sold the home and land to an interested buyer.

When people hear your home is 7m by 3m, they think of a tiny small place. Actually, Holly and Oli demonstrated a 7m by 3m dwelling can be a dream home for creative young couples. It comes complete with a climbing wall and 2 lofts (one for watching tv and one for the bedroom).

Perhaps tiny houses could be a solution for the housing problem in some areas of New Zealand. Find out more details here if you are interested in the Living Big in a Tiny House revolution.

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