Labour or National: It doesn’t matter.

The NZ election is just a month away and Jacinda Arden is closing the gap on National. Or so it seems.

As it is election year, contentious issues are always up for debate: housing, transport, taxes, etc.

Labour promises to fix the housing crisis. What they don’t understand is that cheap credit since the GFC and low returns on alternative assets have fueled a property boom. It’s not like any government policy is going to “fix” the issue. Prices are a function of supply and demand in a capitalist economy. When demand exceeds supply, prices go up. When demand dampens, prices soften. It’s basic economics 101. Housing affordability isn’t going to be fixed any time soon whether its National or Labour in government.

However, Labour’s appeal is that they’ll bring change. What change? In reality, it’s just semantics. It doesn’t matter if its a Labour led coalition or a National led coalition. “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. You still pay taxes. Transport has gotten worst whether it was Labour in government or whether it was National in government. so it doesn’t matter. We’ve had prosperous times and downturn times whether it was National or Labour.

It doesn’t matter what the government’s policies are or how the economy is going. The only people who do well are those in parliament ie the politicians themselves. When a bench MP becomes a cabinet minister, they get a BIG pay rise. Similarly, when a person in opposition gets into power, he or she gets a HUGE pay rise. For the rest of the country, Poor people stay poor, the middle class stays in the middle class, and rich people stay rich.

Actually, success depends on the individual and is a function of effort (and sometimes luck) and less about who’s in government.

So don’t get too carried away if National loses, or Labour loses. Your success doesn’t depend on it.




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