New apartments not affordable for first home buyers

New apartments springing up in the Auckland CBD fringe are probably not the solution to Auckland’s housing problem.

Eden View apartments touted as Brand New Urban Apartment Lifestyle apartments and boasting 130 m2 floor area plus a balcony have starting price STARTING at above $1 million and go upwards to over $2 million. While the quality of living may be comparable to a house and are in all the right school zones, this is barely affordable for first home buyers.

To be honest, people just need a modern, comfortable place to live and somewhere to park their car. While the price range is more reasonable, Ockham Residential’s Daisy development isn’t practical for most families who have cars and need somewhere to park their automobiles.

Affordable housing projects tend to be located a bit further into the suburbs including:

30 Tamora Lane in AVONDALE

Check out Affordable Housing Development Club to register your interest on new housing developments for first home buyers

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