The Top 10 suburbs for capital growth and gross yields in Auckland

Westpac economists compiled data on the capital growth and gross yields on Auckland suburbs over the 12 months from  July 2015 to June 2016

For capital growth, the biggest capital growth came from the affordable suburbs of Otahuhu and Otara.

The only growth area with a price over $1 million was stonefields.

On the other hand, Top 10 suburbs for Gross Yield returns came mainly from apartments in Grafton, Parnell, and Auckland Central. The median rent for a 3 bedroom apartment in Grafton is $508 and the CV is around $305,000 giving the investor on average a return of 10%. Apartments generally have the highest yields because they are generally affordable (except high end apartments) and also due to their central location and proximity to universities, there is steady demand in the rental market. It is important to remember that the yields data below may be outdated by now but generally it is true apartments earn higher yields than houses and townhouses.

Below is the table sourced from Westpac.



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