Thinking of building your own home? Take care when choosing your builder

Thinking of building your own home? It all sounds like a dream come true. Design your own home and get a builder to build it for you. But be warned: When you choose a builder, don’t always go for the lowest priced.¬†Because your dream home plans can be ruined if the builder themselves go out of business.

We saw what can happen to construction businesses when Fletcher came out and told the media that it had underbudgeted for costs of 2 of its projects resulting in $300m losses.

For now we are not even talking about building defects, we are talking about choosing the right builder so they can finish your building project on time so you have a house to live in.

A number of building companies have gone into liquidation leaving several unfinished projects with notice.

Bella Vista Homes went into voluntary liquidation leaving at least one family worried about the prospect of incurring extra costs to complete their home. Not to mention what would happen to the money they have already advanced to the builder.

Debec Building Solutions Ltd also went into liquidation leaving up to 13 housing projects unfinished.

This is what happens when small businesses take on too much projects without enough funding and resources to complete the projects.

So who should you use?

Chancellor Construction is a reliable construction company.

New Dreamland Developments does a lot of new builds out and affordable housing in Takanini.



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