What are the kind of fees landlords can still charge their tenants?

Since December 2018, landlords and their letting agents can no longer charge tenants a letting fee.

However, you can still charge tenants an additional fee in 2 main circumstances:

  1. Sometimes when there’s more than one tenant on the tenancy agreement, one of these tenants may want to leave before the termination date. In that case, the landlord can charge the old tenant an advertising fee to find a new replacement tenant. The landlord can ask you to pay any reasonable costs they’ve incurred in finding a new tenant. Even if you find your own replacement, the landlord can still ask you to pay any reasonable costs. For example, fees for doing a credit check on the new tenant.
  2. The second case is when the original tenants want to sublet a room to another person or boarder. This is another case, where the landlord can ask for the rent to be increased slightly to account for the wear and tear.

These are the only 2 special cases when the landlord can ask for additional fee.


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