Where to find property information for free

Wondering what a neighbour’s house recently sold for at an auction? You can now find it on relab.co.nz. It’s for free and currently does not require you to register or login.

It’s available in Chinese too.


Also, you can also have a look at homes.co.nz. It lets you search for the most recent sales histories & council records of homes in your area.

Alternatively if you subscribe to your local real estate agent email newsletter, they will send you a summary of recent auction results. I know several Barfoot and Thompson agents who do this for their clients.

As for the council valuation, if you are in Auckland, you can find it on the Auckland Council website.

Here are the following steps to find the Rating valuation and rates of an Auckland property:

First go to aucklandcouncil.govt.nz and then click rates. Then enter the property address and there you have it:




It used to take a bit of effort to get access to property information but now with the technology and internet, you can access a wealth of information right from your home.


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