Wiri Prefab could signal the start of a new building era

A new prefab house-building factory has opened in Wiri this week. The factory, which was opened by Housing Minister Megan Woods, produces wall, floor and roof components.

Traditionally, house building has been very slow and inefficient with most of the parts transported to the site and then assembled on the site.

With prefabrication, the frame is built in the factory and then transported onto the site. Workers then go to the site to complete the  interior after the prefab home has been safely situated onto the site.

It is expected to cut a lead time of 22 weeks down to just 6 weeks. Should this project be successful it will transform the building industry; help lower building costs, and hopefully achieve Labour’s ambitious  Kiwibuild target. It is said that prefabrication of a house can be done in one day, transport to a site on a second day and it could take only about six weeks to do all the finishing. Auckland Mayor Phil Goff also welcomed the factory and noted that the innovative factory will help increase the supply of homes in Auckland. He was quoted as saying “You can’t build houses in the 21st century like you built them in the 19th century.”


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