Property guide 360 is here to help you succeed with property investment in New Zealand. Check out our guides that will help you keep up with what’s happening in todays property market 

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Property investment can be very risky and sometime getting the right information and advice can be very tricky. Getting reliable information from successful property investors is hard work as most of them don’t want to share their knowledge in worry that they might loose their edge that keeps them above their competitors. 

Good and reliable guides and articles are hard to come by for free but here at property guide 360 we try our best to provide our users with information that will truly help make a difference. Check out our articles and see how it can help you achieve your property investment goals 

Property Guide


Property Laws

Articles and guides about property laws in New Zealand. Information that will help you in relations to buying, selling and investing in property. 


Property Finance

Getting the right information and tips on getting property investment finance is the key in making money with property. 


Property Ownership

Owning a property is a dream in New Zealand for many and to achieve this dream a lot of planning and sacrifice has to be made. 


Property maintenance

Maintaining a property take a team and finding the right people with the right skills is the key. We have information. tips and advice on how 


Property Protection

Property will be one of your biggest investments in life and protecting it is essential. We deal with the expenses of property protection in nz.  


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