Best ways to increase your property value in New Zealand. See what top real estate investors spend there money on to gain most returns.  

Living Room

Living room is one of the first things to spend money on as it appeals to family oriented buyers. This is where most of the family spend their time in so getting this right is crucial. 


Bedroom renovations will mostly be determined by the location of your property and the buyers you are trying to attract. Modern simplistic with storage is in  


Bathrooms is one of the main things you should consider when renovating property. If done right it will give you on of the best returns for your investment. 


The main thing that will help you increase the value of your property. You will get the best return for your investment if you do the kitchen to top spec. Things to consider : 


Small office space is a must, this will appeal to almost all profession couples who are looking to buy property. Done right will add value to your property. Things to consider :